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Your Legal Team: Attorney Bryan Ramos – Atlanta, Georgia Lawyer

When looking for an Atlanta work injury lawyer, it’s best to do a proper check, a long one. It’s best to do this, to determine what kind of lawyer you’d be getting. They’d have to be some of the best lawyers and law firms in the state if you’re going to get the outcome you are looking for.

The good thing is, we’ve done a lot of homework ourselves. We chose not to keep this information to ourselves. We’d rather share it with you and reduce and start on reducing the burden you are facing as you plan to file your claim.

Attorney Bryan Ramos

This multiple award winner is also the founder of Ramos Law Firm. Having worked for several years as an insurance defense attorney, he is well aware of the uncaring tactics employed widely by the insurance firms.

In his decision to become an advocate for the injured, he has become a stalwart in getting the best for his clients.

Being the head of the firm has not stopped him from working for the client and helping to innovate novel ways of handling clients before, during, and after the claim has been completed.

The firm’s Life After The Case program is an excellent example of this. They help clients come to terms with their new realities, how they can move on, move forward into amazing opportunities, and a new life.

The Firm: Ramos Law Firm

Ramos Law Firm is your best option when it comes to getting you the best level of care owed to you. Since the founding in 2005 by Bryan Ramos, the best Atlanta Workers Compensation attorney, the firm has been working hard for each one of their clients to ensure only the best, what they deserve, is given to them.

Their approach is focused on having the client return to normalcy. They even have a program to help the clients after the claim is done. The service offers clients advice, support, financial management, getting health insurance, and other forms of support. This is to help the client plan their future and learn to live with their new reality.

If you’re hurt due to falling in a factory or at work, give Ramos Law Firm a call, email or visit their offices today and get to know them more.

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What You Need To Know About The Assault Charges in Houston

Assault charges in Houston are not taken lightly, you, therefore, need a criminal defense lawyer to defend you; otherwise, you might be sentenced to jail time or fined heavily or even given a death penalty.

A good defense lawyer is required because the outcome of your case highly depends on their expertise.

Under Texas law one can be charged with assault based on;
I. Causing body injuries to another person intentionally
II. Touching another person in a way they considered provocative or offensive
III. Threatening another person making them feel unsafe

There are different types of assault that one can be charged with in Houston

1. Simple assault
This type of assault doesn’t involve physical injury. It involves either having physical contact with someone in a way they considered offensive or provocative or threatening someone.

2. Aggravated
This is a type of simple assault where the victim suffers severe injuries, or a deadly weapon was used during the assault.

3. Assault using a deadly weapon
If a deadly weapon is displayed during the commissioning of the assault, then one is charged with assault with a deadly weapon charge.

Example of these deadly weapons, according to Texas law include knives, firearms, metal knuckles, clubs, and explosive devices.

4. Assault against a public servant
This type of assault results in a felony charge. Examples of public servants include an agent, officer or employee of the government, a candidate running for public office, a grand juror or a juror or an attorney general of either law or public notary who is performing government duties.

In case the assault involves the killing of the civil servant, then its charges are the death penalty.

5. Domestic violence assault
According to Texas law, domestic violence is an assault against either a family member, past or current dating partner, or a household member such as a roommate.

Some factors are considered when passing sentence for such an assault which include a past conviction for the same assault, the relationship you have with the victim and whether suffocation or strangulation was involved.

Types of assault charges

Assault charges in Houston include; class A, B, and C misdemeanor assault and first, second and third-degree felonies.

1. Class A misdemeanor assault
This is a simple assault that becomes a Class A misdemeanor assault, When someone assaults an elderly or disabled person, forcing a pregnant woman to do an abortion, make a terrorist threat against a public servant or cause commotion by prevention occupation of a building.

2. Class B misdemeanor assault
Involves making a terroristic threat to a sports participant while they are on the field or even retaliation against action made by a sports participant such as a referee.

3. Class C misdemeanor assault
Involves threatening or inappropriately touching another person without causing no serious harm or injury to them.


You thus need a criminal defense lawyer who will be defending you from the assault charges. By getting a good criminal defense lawyer you are guaranteed that they will thoroughly evaluate your charges and the evidence, there may be details that you are not aware of, that can help in reducing or even dropping your charges.

Conviction charges can damage one’s reputation and even prevent them from getting a good job, financial assistance, or even housing.

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How To Choose & Hire a Quality Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’re like most other people, then you don’t have a lot of experience in terms of handling legal matters. Most folks aren’t very well-versed in such things. On the other hand, quite a few folks will eventually need an attorney at some point, and they likely have no idea where to start. The following advice and tips can put in a good direction.


If you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer, then hopefully this article will help you find the right one for your situation.

Be sure that you identify your specific concerns and problems before looking for any  personal injury lawyer. For starters, make sure that your situation is actually a personal injury situation and not something criminal or otherwise.

Lawyers specialize in different areas, and you need to be sure that you get the right kind of attorney for the circumstances you find yourself in. Even if you already have a lawyer you use regularly, if they’re equipped to handle a situation like this, have them refer you to someone who is.


Before getting too deep into your own research, be sure that you seek out the advice of anyone you know and trust. You’re not the first person to go through a personal injury situation, and you can sometimes get great word-of-mouth referrals from friends or family you. Not only is this very beneficial, but it can also minimize your workload.

When choosing an attorney, be sure that you look into their reputation as much as you possibly can. Look for complaints with the local bar association for your state, as well as consulting any other lawyer review resources that you find online. Doing all this will make it possible for you to figure out if you want to start up a professional association with that particular practitioner.

Doing all of this can save you time, money, and stress. For that matter though, don’t skip every lawyer that has complaints registered against them. Lawyers that stay in the business a while get good at what they do most of the time, but they might have a few upset clients along the way because they fought for a case they couldn’t win. Judge for yourself how many complaints they’ve racked up before dismissing them as possibilities. Even feel free to ask about them when you consult them.

Expert Opinion:

Paul M Marriet at Marriett Legal ( suggests to gather as much information and documentation as you can about your case before your consultation.

Reputation Matters

Make sure the attorney’s office is friendly and polite when you come in. Do you get a fast response when you call? Is the receptionist nice when you come in? If you don’t get return calls for a long while, that might indicate how you’d be treated when you’re a client.

Avoid any attorney that is too confident early on about how easily they might win your case. Any lawyer that thinks like this isn’t really any good at what they do. Every legal case or situation has turns and twists, so you need legal representation that is ready to handle what happens.

Look into what school your lawyer went to. You never want to choose an attorney just based on their education, but it can be a crucial factor. If the attorney went to a really good school, then it’s likely they worked really hard in order to get there.

Don’t hire an attorney just from talking to them over the phone. If you can, meet them in person first so you can judge their professionalism and demeanor. It’s a chance to start up a relationship that will be very important to you. If you can’t go to meet them due to your personal injury, see if you can find one that will come to you.

Even though you need to take the time to find the right lawyer, you don’t want to wait too long to find one. The earlier you can find one, the more they can help you navigate the complexities of your situation and fight for what you deserve.

Personal injury situations often make a lawyer an absolute necessity. You might even want to get one if you’re offered a settlement in the first place, as they might be able to get you a better number.

It can be quite confusing to navigate the legal system. Other times, it’s downright overwhelming. It’s even worse when you already recovering from a personal injury situation that you had to go through.

You’ll dramatically increase your chances of a successful outcome to your situation when you are prepared to deal with things by finding a great lawyer to help you out.

Wrongful Death Law – The Details About The Case Proceedings

The term ‘wrongful death’ applies to all fatalities caused by the negligence or wrongdoing of another entity. The laws applicable to this kind of cases vary from one US state to another. Each state has one or more statutes regarding such fatality cases.

The death of a loved one is a terrible shock for all. If it happens because of the carelessness or intentional misconduct of another individual or organization it becomes all the more difficult to handle.

There are a number of circumstances that can give rise to a wrongful death claim. Some of these are medical malpractice, criminal behavior, airplane or auto accident, workplace accident, exposure to hazardous substances and so on.

It is difficult for people to think of legalities when a death occurs in the family. But if a member of your family is the victim you need to act as soon as possible. This is the only way to claim compensation from the one responsible for the fatality.

The wrongful death law regarding the time period within which you can file a lawsuit varies from state to state. For example, the state of New York allows the victim’s family to file a case within two years from the death of the person.

There are a number of damages that could be claimed as compensation in this type of cases. Some of these are as follows:

  • Medical and funeral costs
  • Lost benefits
  • Lost wages, including future earnings
  • Mental anguish
  • Lost inheritance
  • General damages
  • Loss of support or companionship
  • Punitive damages
  • Pain and suffering

The wrongful death claim case may be filed by the victim’s spouse and/or children and in some cases, the victim’s parents.

It is always advisable that you opt for professional help in filing a wrongful death case. The attorneys specializing in these cases know how to present it at a court of law, how to prove that the negligence or misconduct of another is the cause of the death, and how to get you an increased compensation.

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