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Landowned/Property Injuries
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Landowner/Property Injuries

A landowner has a duty and an obligation to make their property safe for all visitors. 

Under the area of the law known as premises liability, the owner of real property or person in possession — whether residential or commercial — has a  legal responsibility to maintain the land, structures, sidewalks, and driveways in a manner that minimizes the risk of injury to certain visitors on the property.


This responsibility includes any part of the property that the owner or possessor should have controlled, such as sidewalks, floors, elevators, playgrounds, fences and garages.


Our team and David Dowling have handled premises liability injuries for over 55 years and are experienced in investigating slip & fall accidents and other property-related injuries to determine the legal liability associated with premises liability.


 Proving Landlord’s Liability

The plaintiff in a case must prove that the landlord is liable for the injury as a result of negligence. For example, a landlord may have acted negligently by failing to fix a loose stair tread. The claim must show:


  • The property owner could have fixed the dangerous condition.
  • Repairing the problem would have been expensive or difficult.
  • The property owner’s failure to fix the problem caused the injury.
  • The result was serious and foreseeable.


If you or a loved one has been injured in a premises liability accident, you should contact an attorney experienced in workplace accidents who will represent you with dedication and tenacity. We encourage you to call David B. Dowling, Esquire (888-660-1646) to schedule a free consultation and analysis of your case.



Types of Landowner/Property Injuries


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