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David Dowling and our team, have over a decade of experience representing vistims as personal injury lawyers. Together they have handled a wide variety of every type of personal injury case. To learn more about David Dowling please visit our biography page.


With the combined total of 55 years as personal injury lawyers in Harrisburg, David Dowling and our team have experience fighting for settlements and awards on behalf of clients.  If you have been the victim of an auto accident, workplace injury, elder abuse, medical negligence, or other personal injury situation, we invite you to discuss your case with an experienced, empathetic and committed personal injury lawyer at our firm.


Protecting Accident Victims in Pennsylvania

Personal injury cases are filed when the negligence or intentional actions of another person caused the plaintiff harm. Elder abuse, defective air bags, surgical errors, and drunk driving represent just a few of the common personal injury cases we represent. These accidents and incidents, as well as the injuries they cause, quickly become legal issues that must be resolved by negotiations with insurance companies. This usually leads to a settlement, or through litigation in a court of law.


Although it’s easy to be consumed by the legalities and the technicalities of filing a claim or lawsuit, we always remember that that case is about the client and your loved ones. For us, the physical, emotional and financial recovery of the client is the most important objective. 


No one guarantees fair treatment under the law.  With most personal injury cases, you can anticipate a vigorous challenge from the insurance company, employer or the responsible third-party to prevent you from being properly compensated. We work to ensure that our clients receive the compensation they are entitled to by law.


The D&P Injury Lawyers are committed to providing personalized service and dedication to quickly eliminate all of the legal barriers, so you can focus on recovery and healing. Cases are handled on a contingent fee basis - you pay us a fee only if there is a recovery. We provide quick responses to your inquiry regarding your questions.  We also take pride in obtaining positive results for injured parties and take an aggressive approach to litigation. We don't just handle cases, we represent people. We are proud to serve as top Personal Injury Attorneys in Harrisburg, Pa.


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